April 25, 2016 Published by Dirk van Wijk

The Art of Engineering Workshop 2th & 3th of June – Sign up now !

On the 2th and 3th of June we will launch a special edition of The Art of Engineering. Together with peers from other companies you will design and built a robot for your customer.

The Art of Engineering is an impactful experience that aims at sharpening soft skills for engineers. The workshop is developed specifically for engineers, starting from the world of engineering.
In this workshop a cyclical product development process is simulated. The approach is “learning by doing” : in 2 days a working robot is designed and built for a customer. We will bring you in situations that are similar to real-life engineering work and this gives the opportunity to experiment and try different approaches.

Working with repetitive processes experimenting with “soft” skills and experiencing different ways to act in a professional setting take centre stage. Teamwork, (personal) leadership, negotiation, dialogue and communication are topics that are addressed in a natural way. Engineers experience how they can stay true to their own selves and how they can make maximum use of their talents.

Find the registrationform here

The global outline of the program is as follows:
day 1. 9:00 start, introduction
9:30 – 12:30 morning program
12:30-13:30 lunch break
13:30-17:00 afternoon program
17:00-17:30 break
17:30-20:00 evening program
20:00 dinner
day 2. 9:00 start morning program
12:30-13:30 lunchbreak
13:30-16:00 afternoon program
16:00 Art of Engineering challenge, close.