November 5, 2014 Published by Dirk van Wijk

Successful maiden voyage of The Art of Engineering!

On 30 and 31 October: the first edition of The Art of Engineering became reality. People from different backgrounds, software, aerospace, industrial engineering, project management, quantitative consultancy developed and built a robot for a customer. During the development process soft skills came to light in a natural and playful way. Individual development, a team process with people who didn’t know each other when they started and a product delivered to customer requirements.


We had so many questions: does it work, can we address and sharpen soft skills with a game, can they build a working robot in such a short time?

All our questions were answered with a “yes!” and so  much more: insights, energy, commitment, real life situations. And as a gift we received extremely valuable feedback from the team, ideas, suggestions and improvements that we can build on.


The finale, the physical proof: Friday at 16:00 a match was played between two robots!


Next step for us is to use all we learned  to refine the experience.


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