ideeenThe Art of Engineering offers a unique learning experience for people with a technical or IT background working for customers. Unique because…. created from the world of the professional: how do they think, what drives them and what are their strenghts. Unique because…… design and create a real robot and play the game !

The world of technology is changing rapidly: shorter time to market, fast development cycles and direct customer contacts. This requires new skills from engineers. The Art of Engineering is taylored specifically for Engineers, the artists in the amazing world of designing solutions for practical problems, build them and see that it works.

Starting from the world of the engineer the program expands your skills. A workshop with all aspects of your work: design, create, test, communicate, negotiate and have fun. Build a real 3D robot solution for a customer and experience how using soft skills increases your impact.
The Art of Engineering is applied indifferent worlds: mechanics, electronics, mechatronics , software.


Fast and high quality design for serving customer’s needs is essential. Designs need to be engineered to become reality. Engineering is an art, the art of turning ideas into things that actually work. As in any art there are artists at play: the engineers.


Engineers are a special breed of people. Engineers want to do the impossible: create solutions for practical problems, solutions that other people assume to be impossible. Their reward? At first glance it may be just seeing that “it” works but that would be too easy. Deep down it’s something else, something much bigger and yet intangible. Our guess would be: the reward for being smarter than physical reality.


Design and engineering are about people: meeting the needs of people, understanding what the real problem is, getting the question behind the question, finding out what people need and expect. Working together with people who have different and sometimes even better ideas.
What people need is often about vague things such as opinions, desires, motives and feelings: the “why and how”, doing the right things.


Engineers are about facts. And thus we raise and train engineers in a world that is about facts, cause and effect, better and best solutions for problems. The world of “what”, doing things right. In this world the best solution is better than the less perfect but accepted option. For the engineer this may be conflicting because how can anyone possibly not want the best? And thus we say: engineers don’t make what we really need.


We see this differently. We are convinced that there’s nothing missing, it just doesn’t get the right attention. We believe that awareness of the “how” applied to the “what” has a tremendous effect: the art of engineering. Mastering the “how” leads to a huge increase in the effectiveness of engineers. How can we be so sure? It’s almost logic: if the art of engineering is creativity in solving problems then the better you understand what’s needed, the better your solutions are. Engineers are clever and creative people, once they see it they make it work.


And this is why we have designed a dedicated program that links the how and the what. Starting from the world of the engineer, challenging engineers in what they love to do and then take them into the unknown, into the world of how and what: The Art of Engineering.