September 10, 2014 Published by Dirk van Wijk

About a blog

We will write blogs here from time to time. About engineering  as a profession and engineers as people. About what we think of engineers, their world and how engineering is seen from other perspectives. About what we see in the world of product creation. About what we hear and see from the people we meet.


What we think and say about engineers we may be a bit biased: we think that engineering is an art. The art of  turning  ideas into things that work.


What we see is that the world of engineers is changing rapidly. At the same time technology  is changing the world. So: what is happening, what does this mean for engineers, how do engineers change the world?


Sometimes very serious, at other times funny, these blogs are meant to make you think. Always with one thing in mind: give insight in what we think is a world of magic.


Please feel free to comment and, even better, share your vision on engineering and engineers with us.